Graduate Diploma Program in Beverage Technology & Management



The Graduate Diploma Program in Beverage Technology & Management will be a two-semester degree conducted in Thai and English at Kasetsart University in collaboration with King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang and Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. The tentative curriculum is currently in the process of approval by the Thailand Higher Education System.

The graduate diploma program is a multi-disciplinary graduate diploma oriented towards professionals working in the beverage industry in Thailand and the ASEAN region. Graduates will be equipped with hands-on knowledge of the field of beverage technology as well as demand-driven skills related to management in the beverage industry.

Admission: Applicants must hold minimum a degree in a) or b):

  a) Bachelor or Science in food science, product development, biotechnology, chemistry, microbiology or related fields
  b) Bachelor of Engineering in food engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering or related fields

Admission procedure: evaluation of CV and interview

The curriculum is approved by Kasetsart University Council. However, due to covid-19 situation, the program was postponed to December 2020.  Tentative application period is October 2020. More information will be updated soon.

Curriculum credit structure:

Seminar 2 credits
Required courses 22 credits
Total not less than 24 credits

Curriculum overview:

1st semester modules Credit
Non-Alcoholic Beverage Technology 2 (2-0-4)
Target Marketing & Strategic Pricing for the Beverage Industry 2 (2-0-4)
Supply Chain Management for the Beverage Industry 2 (2-0-4)
Beverage Chemistry and Microbiology 2 (2-0-4)
Food Law and Regulations 1 (1-0-2)
Practical Laboratory in the Beverage Industry 1 (0-1-2)
Seminar 1 (1-0-0)
Total credits 11
2nd semester modules Credit
Alcoholic Beverage Technology 2 (2-0-4)
Planning and Project Management for the Beverage Industry 2 (2-0-4)
Beverage Product Development 2 (2-0-4)
Hygienic Engineering and Design 2 (2-0-4)
Quality Assurance and Quality Control 2 (3-0-4)
Special problem 3 (0-1-6)
Seminar 1 (1-0-0)
Total credits 14


Contact address: BeverageTechnology.Thailand [at]