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Module Beverage Product Development
Person responsible

Sudathip Sae-Tan (KU)

Chaleeda Borompichaichartkul (CU)

Learning outcomes
  • Capability to understand and gain experience in the process of beverage product and process development
  • Capability to integrate knowledge in chemistry, microbiology, processing, packaging and engineering concepts in beverage product and process development
  • Capability to identify challenges involved in beverage product and process development
  • Understanding techniques and knowledge related to basic consumer research and marketing concerns in beverage industry
  • Capability to prepare a prototype or concept of new beverage product and process
  • Understanding concept of sustainable waste management and by-product utilization from beverage industry
  • Capability to develop and enhance team cooperation and communication skills
  • Introduction: types of product development , significance to beverage industry, product policy and goals, product failure and success
  • Generating and screening of new product ideas
  • Product concept and concept testing
  • Development of prototype product: information search, feasibility, detailed process and packaging
  • Process development
  • Experimentation in prototype development
  • Sensory Analysis and consumer testing
  • Shelf life study
  • Sustainable waste management and by-product utilization
Teaching and learning methods
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • E-learning
Language Thai/English
Teaching materials
[Only available for enrolled students]

Lecture note, Book and Online materials on:

  • Innovation: Product Development Revolution, Perspective
  • Global food and drink developments
  • Brainstorming and Idea Schreening
  • Glass Packaging
  • Paper packaging
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Metal Packaging
  • Aseptic Packaging
  • Overview: Innovative Processing Technology for Beverage Industry
  • Pulsed electric field processing
  • Ohmic Heating
  • Microwave pasteurisation/sterilisation
  • High Pressure Processing
  • Microbiological aspects of high pressure processing
  • High pressure Homogenization for beverage application
  • UV technology
  • Cold plasma technology
Assessment method and evaluation
  • Course assignment
  • Oral presentation
  • Written examination
  • Participation during contact hours
Qualification and skill requirements for teacher
  • Ph.D in Food Technology, Food Science and Technology, Biotechnology or related field or
  • Having experience in the product development of food factory for at least 5 years
Previous knowledge expected and workload for students
  • Unit operation and automation
  • Beverage chemistry and microbiology
Further information  

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