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Module Food Law and Regulations
Person responsible

Kriskamol Na Jom

Kasetsart University
Learning outcomes
  • Understanding both domestic and international laws and regulations related beverages
  • Achieve the way to search related websites and documents to locate information correlated to laws, standards and regulations related to beverages
  • Apply knowledge of relation while developing new beverage products or seeking the approval of new beverage products
Content  Domestic & International Food Law and Regulations related to food additives, beverage manufacturing and packaging
Teaching and learning methods

- Lecture

- Case study

- Role playing and discussion

- Sharing of ideas and brainstorming aspects by a project
Language Thai/English 
Teaching materials
[Only available for enrolled students]
  • Additives – how to use and regulations
  • Codex Alimentarius Commission
  • Beverage Regulation – drinking water in sealed containers, Natural mineral water and Electrolyte drinks
  • Fruit and vegetabe juice
  • International standards and regulations related to beverages
  • Packaging and contact materials
  • Protein drinks
  • Tea – notification of the Ministry of Public Health
Assessment method and evaluation  Written examination and oral presentation of assignment
Qualification and skill requirements for teacher

- Ph.D. qualification with teaching experience in food law, food standard, food regulation etc.

- Senior experts from some related organization i.e. FDA, FAO

- Language competence in both Thai and English
Previous knowledge expected and workload for students  None
Further information  

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