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Module Alcoholic Beverage Technology
Person responsible

Sumallika Morakul

Kasetsart University
Learning outcomes
  • Understand principle of alcohol beverage processing, including wine, beer, spirits and related drinks
  • Know how to control the quality of product
  • Can identify the problem and its solution properly
  • Principle of wine, beer, spirit and related drink production
  • Process control
  • Product quality control and analytical method
  • Nutrition and health aspects
  • Trends and developments
Teaching and learning methods
  1. Lecture
  2. E-learning
  3. Lab demonstration
Language Thai/English
Teaching materials
[Only available for enrolled students]
  1. Beverage Technology I+II
  2. Winemaking Technology
  3. Distilled Spirits
  4. Whisky - cereal-based distilled beverage
  5. Brandy - fruit-based distilled beverage
  6. Rum, vodka, gin
  7. Rice spirits of Asian countries
Assessment method and evaluation

written examination 50%

oral presentation 25%

course attendance 5%

The overall score must higher than 50% to pass the course

A: 80% up




Qualification and skill requirements for teacher

- Ph.D. qualification with teaching experience in food biotechnology and food science

- Senior experts from some related organization

- Language competence in both Thai and English
Previous knowledge expected and workload for students None
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