Datesort descending Name City Country Type
2019-10-01 Shelf Life of Beverages Bangkok Thailand  TH Related event
2019-10-07 Juice HACCP Bangkok Thailand  TH Related event
2019-10-10 INTRINSIC Webinar: Colin Jones - "Entrepreneurship Education - new developments: blending the needs of universities and students" Other event
2019-12-01 Food Safety for SME Project event
2020-01-03 Fruit and Vegetable Drink Bangkok Thailand  TH Project event
2020-02-01 New Product Development Project event
2020-03-02 Innovative Technology Project event
2020-06-01 Project Management Project event
2020-06-01 Sugar in Foods Project event
2020-06-01 Lean Business Plan Development Project event
2020-06-01 Selected topics of Food Safety for less educated professional Project event