Digital Library

The ISEKI-Food Digital Library, initially developed by the FooD-STA project (link is external) and integrating previous results from ISEKI-Food Network and TRAFOON Project (link is external), offers a collection of online training and education digital materials covering different target groups, categories and formats, such as tutorials, eBooks, Audios, and Videos …


Expert Data Base

Looking for expertise?
Are you looking for expertise within the food and beverage sector? The Experts Database offers the opportunity to search for specific expertise

  • within a certain product related sector (e.g. fish, dairy, …)
  • and/or a certain categories (e.g. quality and safety, engineering, food law, ..)
  • for keywords related to expertise, methods, equipment and services


Brokerage System

The SEA-ABT Brokerage System is a platform that supports the collaboration between Thailand and Europe where available graduates can offer their expertise by submitting their job applications, on the one side, and the beverage sector can provide information about offered job opportunities, on the other side.

The brokerage system includes two databases:

  1. a job offer database with all types of jobs in the beverage sector (industry, academia, etc.), and
  2. a job application database where skilled graduates can present their expertise and their availability.


Mobility database

The SEA-ABT Mobility Database is a platform for students and industry/university staff from the beverage sector in Thailand and Europe.
The Mobility Database acts as a contact base to inform and facilitate the exchange of students and staff between the beverage sector and universities (internships, short term scientific missions (STSM)) internationally.


E-Learning Platform

Under the hospice of the ISEKI-Food and ISEKI Mundus projects different e-learning courses were developed for undergraduate-, graduate students and industrial people.


Information Collection System

The main aim of SEA-ABT is to increase the capacities of Thai universities for delivering modern high quality curricula and CPD training in the area of beverage technology. To enable and support sustainable national and international maintenance and further development of educational services and products, SEA-ABT is focused on developing demand-driven modules and related educational products for use in CPD and academic education in the area of beverage technology.

You are welcome to contribute to our “Information Collection System” by

  1. Filling in the short online "Questionnaire about competences and skills needed in the beverage industry" (mainly for staff who work in the Thai food industry, especially in the beverage industry) OR
  2. Filling in one of the questionnaires (word files) below:

Please return the filled in questionnaires to BeverageTechnology.Thailand [at]

Download of data analysis: