Digital Library

The ISEKI-Food Digital Library, initially developed by the FooD-STA project (link is external) and integrating previous results from ISEKI-Food Network and TRAFOON Project (link is external), offers a collection of online training and education digital materials covering different target groups, categories and formats, such as tutorials, eBooks, Audios, and Videos …

Expert Data Base

Looking for expertise?
Are you looking for expertise within the food sector? The Experts Database offers the opportunity to search for specific expertise

  • within a certain product related sector (e.g. fish, dairy, …)
  • and/or a certain categories (e.g. quality and safety, engineering, food law, ..)
  • for keywords related to expertise, methods, equipment and services


Brokerage System (under construction)

  • job offers data base
  • job applications data base
  • mobility data base


E-Learning Platform

Under the hospice of the ISEKI-Food and ISEKI Mundus projects different e-learning courses were developed for undergraduate-, graduate students and industrial people.


Information Collection System (under construction)