General terms and conditions

BEVERAGE-4-US: International students’ competition programme

Call for University Student Team Applications

Under the theme: Innovation in Beverage Technology: “Healthy Beverage from Waste Utilisation of Food”

The South East Asia Academy of Beverage Technology (SEA-ABT) opens a call for an international Students competition with teams of 3 students that can be from different universities or one university to compete on finding the best solutions for product or ingredient development on creating “Healthy beverage from waste utilization of food” on one specific product – and/or ingredient.

We are looking for teams of students in Food Science and Technology and Food related study program that will work on a project focused on the identification, design and development of solutions and ideas relevant for beverage industry with specific action on improvement and innovation of beverage technology as well as quality and safety of foods.


  • each team of students will work on a real food industry-based problem and thereby they will improve specific knowledge and competences
  • students will also improve and enhance the cooperation between them and the awareness of the importance and benefits of team working in a competitive environment.
  • The evaluation of the project will be carried out by food industry and/or food associations that in collaboration with academics will evaluate the projects based on the best professional abilities in problem-solving and team working
  • Virtual environment for sharing knowledge and improvement of skills between students and teachers at European and international level.

WHO: the project is addressed to teams made of Bachelor students in food science and technology and any other food-related study program. An academic teacher/lecturer could/would be involved as tutor. See more details in the Instructions box.


  • Each team and student will receive a certificate of participation to the Beverage-4-Us-competition program
  • The winner team will receive the corresponding certificate as winners. In addition, the students of the winner team will receive:
    • An award of 15,000 Baht/team for the winner, 10,000 Baht/team for the first runner up and 5,000 Bath/team for the second runner up
    • Free entrance at the 20th Food Innovation ASIA Conference, (FIAC2018) during June 14-16, 2018 for all winner no 1-3 team members.



Teams of students apply on voluntary basis; registration is free of charge. They could be made of 3 students, preferentially Bachelor in Food Studies but for each team. Teams could belong also to universities of associate partners. One tutor (teacher, researcher, post-doc) could be involved (extra member) with the role to support and advise the team; but he/she cannot lead the team work.

Project topic

The teams are invited to present a project aimed to identify solutions, design and develop ideas, tools and actions aimed to develop innovation in beverage technology. For 2018 competition, the theme is about creating “Healthy beverage from waste utilization of food”. The team could look at all possible waste utilization in food production such as bioactive compounds recovery from food waste that have particular functional properties and can be applied to beverage as a new sources of functional ingredients or increase beverage stability during processing and storage. The ideas can come from real problem that happening in beverage industry.

All the registered teams will work independently on the development of the target issue. The topic will not compulsory involve practical work in lab and should be focused on finding the best solution that could meet the food companies expectations in terms of health and safety risks, improvement of economic value, quality enhancement of the products, sustainability.

A mid-term virtual meeting will be organized with tutors and teams coordinators as check-point and discussion on specific issues.

The teams will submit by the fixed dead line a report of max 4 pages and a PowerPoint presentation of max 20 slides. A form for the report will be provided to the registered teams. The PowerPoint presentation will be also presented at the final Virtual workshop “Beverage-4-Us”, an open event and internationally disseminated.

Reports and presentations have to be submitted to the secretary of competition program email: BeverageTechnology.Thailand [at]

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Aspects

Overall, all assessors are instructed to treat the information provided through the applications with the required confidentiality. Please indicate in your registration/application whether or not your project includes specific IP which your team would like to see treated with special care. In particular, you could select:

NO, our project does not include special IP which needs additional measures for ensuring confidentiality.
YES, our project includes special IP which needs additional measures for ensuring confidentiality.

By selecting "NO", you confirm that no information on specific IP requiring protection is provided with your application.

By selecting "YES", the organisers of this competition will develop a specific plan to protect you and your project.

The assessors of the projects evaluation board will be asked to sign a specific NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) document (see template here below in attach "NDA template") to give additional proof of the kept confidentiality. If for any reason the provided template is not extensive enough for your case, please provide a suitable NDA with your application/registration for review and signature by the assessors. Please bear in mind that any NDA still has to allow for proper assessment of your project in the frame of this competition.

For any additional problem related to IP, please contact [at]