Edition 2018


  • 1st prize: DRAKO Pitaya Boys (Indonesia) with the project "Kombucha Drinks with Jelly based on Dragon Fruit Peels to Reduce Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Risk"

  • 2nd prize: 3SRIKANDI (Indonesia)with the project "Beverages Rich in Antioxidant from Mangosteen Pericarp and Pineapple Peel"

  • 3rd prize: NeverLeftUntold (Thailand) with the project: "Development of high Helath-benefit fruit juice with bromelain extract from pineapple cores"



  • 15st January 2018: acceptance of the teams and approval of the projects topics
  • 23th February 2018: competition instruction and justification
  • March – April 2018: online workshop and webinar to increase skill development (4 times)
  • 25th May 2018: submission of the project presentation and report
  • 8th June 2018: Final Virtual Workshop where the results of the teams were presented in presence of industry and multiplayer representatives and the best 1st, 2nd, 3rd  Beverage-4-Us teams were selected:



The recording of the Final Virtual Workshop can be found here.


Scientific organizing team: Sasitorn Tongchitpakdee, Chaleeda Borompichaichartkul, Gerhard Schleining, Paola Pittia, Guest from Industry (1), FOSTAT (1)

For more info about the competition, contact:  Sasitorn Tongchitpakdee (sasitorn.ch [at] ku.ac.th)

Virtual meetings, skill development and final workshop     

To share information and to discuss about any issue related to the projects and the overall competition as well as skill development will be the following virtual meetings (supported by the GoToMeeting web-conferencing tool) have been planned (see attached file for the schedule):

  • SEA-ABT BEVERAGE-4-US Skill development webinar II on "Design Thinking for Beverage Entrepreneurs" - Dr Porramate Chumyim, National Science Technology Policy Office, Thailand: https://www.sea-abt.eu/designthinking
  • Fruit juice and Fruit-based Beverage Workshop
  • 8th June 2018: final presentation of all the projects at the Beverage-4-Us
  • 8th June 2018: virtual workshop the results of the teams in presence of industry and multiplayer representatives and nomination of the best 1st Beverage-4-Us team