Event type: 
Project event
Date and Location
Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The SEA-ABT BEVERAGE 4-US - skill development webinar on "Design and development of innovative beverages" took place Apr 10, 2018 9:00 AM CEST.

You can find the pdf-version of the presentation and the recording below.

Water, drinks and beverages are an important component of our diet by their main positive impact on health and wellbeing. Many traditional and highly appreciated beverages and drinks lead the market (eg. wine, beer, coffee, fruit juices) and consumption all over the world . However, the increased interest of the consumers to foods and drinks with higher quality, nutritional and healthy value and increased “naturalness” are inducing food and drink industries to modify conventional processing and formulations also in the drinks and beverage sector. Besides the optimisation of technological parameters to reduce the impact of processing on beverage quality, innovative processes (e.e. high pressure, PEF) are increasingly used to enhance healthy properties along with the safety of conventional beverages and drinks.
Strategies for innovative beverage are also developed in the design of new formulation with new ingredients and natural additives in order to obtain high quality products able to satisfy the modern consumers expectations and market needs.
Aim of this webinar is to give an overview of the innovative technologies applied in the beverage sector along with the new approaches in the design and development of modern drinks formulations.


The presenter, Paola Pittia, is Associate Professor of Food Technology at the Faculty of Bioscience and Technology for Food Agriculture and Environment, at the  University of Teramo in Italy. She has a Master Degree in Food Science (University of Udine, 1989) and PhD in Nanotechnology (University of Triest, 2016). Since 2004 she is Associate Professor in Food Technology disciplines at the Faculty of Biosciences and Technology for Food, Agriculture and Environment (University of Teramo-IT). From 2013 she has been appointed as of Deputy Rector for Internationalization and Joint study programs. Since 2014 she is President of the ISEKI Food Association.