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Project partners
AT Austria

IFA is an independent non-profit organisation in the food sector, established in 2005 and mainly focused on education and training. Its members are University and research institutions, companies and associations related to food from all 5 continents. This network is existing since more than 20 years and has among their members experts available in almost all food related fields to carry out training also in different languages.

IFA is developing and carrying out activities connected to food such as:

  • working towards the quality assurance of food studies
  • tuning and accrediting curricula and certifying training activities on an international level
  • developing teaching materials and teaching methods
  • promoting synergies between research, education/teaching, industry and authorities
  • development of a virtual community of experts in the food sector
  • establishment of a framework of agreements among partners, fostering the mobility of students and staff, stimulating the development of further related projects, cooperation in the implementation of quality criteria in the food chain

IFA offers sector specific accreditation and certification services for Food Study programmes and short courses ( on an international level.

IFA maintains databases on curricula, teaching materials, mobility (PICAM), equipment and an e-learning platform.

IFA organizes international conferences, tailored workshops and training courses and offers services for scientific event management.

Participating persons: 
Anita Habershuber's picture
Habershuber Anita

Responsible for SEA-ABT website and dissemination

Saverio Mannino's picture
Mannino Saverio

food chemist, expert in quality management, accreditation of food study programmes, laboratory accredtiation