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IT Italy

The Faculty of Bioscience and Technology for Food, Agriculture and Environment of the University of Teramo, was funded in 2013 as join institution of the Faculty of Agriculture and the Department of Food Science.

Research activities are carried out on in an interdisciplinary environment on various aspects of agro-food supply chain and developed in 8 Research Units (Food Technology; Chemical Methodologies and Food Analysis; Agricultural economics; Food and environmental microbiology, Agronomy and Crop Sciences; Energy and Environment; Biochemistry). The Faculty hosts a series of analytical and instrumental laboratories equipped with advanced instrumentation and small technological apparatus and plants.  Researchers of UNITE are/were involved in various projects supported by national and international, public and private entities also in collaboration with food industries.

UNITE encompasses degree programmes related to the agro-food area: Food Science and Technology (1st and 2nd level Degree, the second in English language), Oenology and Viticulture (1st level) and Biotechnology (1st level). UNITE is promoter of training initiatives in a Lifelong learning perspective and post-graduated master courses (e.g. Valorisation of the Protected geographical areas and Agro-food quality, GESLOPAN, Development and Management of Food Innovation).

UNITE hosts the Ph.D degree programme on Food Science.

UNITE promotes transnational mobility of students between UNITE and other institutions through ERASMUS+ programs and is involved in other collaborative programmes with no-EU countries.

UNITE was/is involved in several EU projects within the 7th FP under IDEAS, COOPERATION, PEOPLE, Marie-Curie programmes. In the agro-food field since 2005 UNITE was/is involved in Erasmus Academic Thematic Networks (ISEKI_Food2; ISEKI_Mundus; ISEKI_Food 3, and ISEKI_Mundus 2; I.S.L.E.) and in the FP7 KBBETrack_Fast It was  the coordinator of the Erasmus Thematic network ISEKI_Food 4 ( ).

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Compagnone Dario

Expert in development of rapid analytical methods for  food quality and safety , sensors and biosensors. Expertise in coordination of food study programmes

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Pittia Paola

Expert on food product development, quality and processing of foods. Expertise in curriculum development, training, activities and joint study programmes.