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The main research activity of the Institute of Wine Analysis & Beverage Technology is the physicochemical characterization of alcohol-free and alcoholic beverages concerning primary and secondary substances. Specific subjects are product quality, sensory evaluation, technological impact of high-molecular weight substances, molecular nutrition and analytical method development. The lab is equipped with a broad range of modern analytical systems. The in-house fruit juice company produces fruit and vegetable juices, nectars, ciders, fruit wines and spirits for research and education purposes. Novel beverage technology processes are developed or tested, respectively. The available equipment is close to industry facilities and allows conducting of processing studies from lab to pilot scale. Most of the research work is done with Ph.D. programs.
The study course beverage technology was established at the Geisenheim University in 1972. The B.Sc. program is configured over 3 years including 6 semesters each with 15 lesson weeks. Since 2010 the M.Sc. program is running together with the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen, where 2 semesters have to be completed in each location. In the B.Sc. program professors and research scientists of the institute are responsible for the courses fruit & vegetable juices, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, food law, and chemical practical courses. In the M.Sc. program they offer the courses food technology & process engineering, specific beverage analytics, beverage development and valorization of fruits and vegetables.

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